Contact Kim: Can you bypass the cable guy?

The device claims to pick up your favorite shows from many channels.
The device claims to pick up your favorite shows from many channels.

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - A company claims their digital antenna will intercept VHF and UHF transmissions and allow consumers to receive over the air broadcasting, bypassing their cable company. But as we always say: the devil is in the details. And in this case, it's what they company doesn't say that has left consumers blowing in the wind.

These days there are several options for consumers to get their favorite TV channels, such as cable and satellite. One company, Brilliant Built Technology, is making a bold claim: if you have their Clear Cast antenna, you can bypass cable companies and save a ton of money.

"They are saying with their antenna, they will intercept some of the programming so that you can capture your shows without having to go through cable," said Michele Mason of the Better Business Bureau.

And that may be so. But there is a lot the company isn't telling you.

"What you don't know until you get the product is how many channels you are going to receive, whether or not you are going to get your favorite shows, how clear the picture is going to be," Mason said.

There is no data for your area to let you know what you are going to get.

"They are saying you're going to get free TV, you can replace your cable service, and unless all your shows are on a few major networks that is probably not going to be the case. Unless you are in a large metropolitan area, you may not get all the channels they are promoting," said Mason.

Mason said the company does deliver the product, but what the product delivers is what is in question. Bottom line – read the fine print.

The company generally markets their antenna by taking out newspaper ads and mailers. Mason said this same company recently came under BBB scrutiny by marketing free cell phones for seniors that weren't free.

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