Maid service provides chemo patients a clean break

The Two Maids and a Mop service offers free cleaning for chemo patients.
The Two Maids and a Mop service offers free cleaning for chemo patients.

HAMPTON COVE, AL (WAFF) - At a home in Hampton Cove, the ladies from Two Maids and a Mop are on a mission. They are scrubbing floors, baseboards and dusting. It isn't just cleaning; they said it's "cleaning for a reason."

That reason is cancer.

The idea is when a patient has gone in for chemotherapy and return home, they're tired. They look around the house and what they see is someone thought enough to take up arms and get that house clean.

Stephanie Bell said her mom, Marquita Harris, used cleaning therapeutically for years, always walking and wiping. "And that was something that she was unable to do because she didn't feel like it after she came from her treatment. She was very tired," Stephanie said.

It was also difficult for Stephanie, in her caretaker role, to do the things she knew her mom wanted done, because Stephanie works full time. "It was a blessing to know that this type of organization existed," she said.

It also touches the employees of Two Maids and a Mop, according to Manager Elizabeth Lamar.  "I think every single person that's associated with our company knows someone that has undergone cancer treatments," said Larmar.

The company does not take any money when it's a "cleaning for a reason" call. "It's our way of giving back to our community," added Lamar.

She said it's also very rewarding for the ladies who do the work. "They get connected to our clients anyway, so this is very rewarding for them and self fulfilling, makes their job worth it."

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