Mold found inside a Redstone Arsenal daycare center

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Mold is found inside the daycare at Redstone Arsenal. How long has it been there? What the center's director says is being done to get rid of it and keep children safe. Tonight at 10, WAFF's Shumuriel Ratliff goes inside the center to show you the problem.

A local state representative held a town hall meeting tonight to discuss the Affordable Care Act. Laura Hall hosted the meeting. Many people in attendance came armed with their questions and concerns. We'll share some of their concerns with you and tell you if they got the answers they came for tonight at 10.

The secretary of state's plan to implement Alabama's photo ID requirement for voting will include issuing free ID cards at various locations. The law will require voters to show photo ID when voting. At 10, we'll bring you up to speed on today's ruling concerning the new law and where  you can get your free ID card.

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