See, Click, Fix: Mount Zion and Jeff Roads

Branches over the road: one of two problems at this intersection.
Branches over the road: one of two problems at this intersection.

MADISON COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - For the first time, we have two issues to cover at the same intersection. It's Mount Zion Road and Jeff Road in Madison County. One viewer pointed out trees with branches that hang over both roads.

He wanted to know if one of the limbs were to break and hit a car, who's responsible for the damage, and who's responsible for cutting back the limbs. I checked with attorney Greg Reeves, who said it could be partially a homeowner's responsibility if, for instance, the tree is damaged or dead. If the tree falls because of a bad storm, then there wouldn't be negligent liability for a homeowner.

The trees that we saw, though, all seemed to be growing in the public right of way, not in any homeowner's backyard, so it would be up to Madison County to trim them.

The other issue at this intersection is the traffic light. Specifically, the turn arrow from Mount Zion going left onto Jeff Road. Apparently, at times, it only allows three to four cars through before turning red.

We checked it out late Monday morning, and there was only one car waiting at a time. So, the light changed after the car went through, at about ten seconds. The cycle could very well be much different during rush hour.

We've forwarded all of the information through See, Click Fix to Madison County traffic engineers. We'll let you know what they have to say.