Suicide victim's father: Rumors distract from real issues

Daniel Adamek held a news conference Tuesday morning about his son's death.
Daniel Adamek held a news conference Tuesday morning about his son's death.
Christian Adamek (Source: Christian Adamek memorial Facebook page)
Christian Adamek (Source: Christian Adamek memorial Facebook page)

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Over the last month, rumors have swirled about a Sparkman High School student's suicide. Christian Adamek's family spoke to the media on Tuesday morning to clear up some of the misconceptions.

Nearly a month ago, on Sept. 27, Christian streaked across the field during a football game against Grissom. Days later, he killed himself.

Rumors began that Christian killed himself because of the possible punishments that he might face.

Tuesday, his father, Daniel Adamek, said those rumors hold no truth.

"To suggest that he took the drastic measures he did because of the consequences he was to face for some actions a few days earlier is a terribly over simplistic viewpoint," said Adamek at the new conference held at Sci-Quest. "That line of thought belittles the situation and is a distraction from addressing the real problems."

Christian's father said for months he tried to get his son help for depression.

"The real issue is why we couldn't get the medical help he needed despite every avenue we took," he continued.

Between a lack of resources and difficulties with insurance, the family was left with nowhere to turn.

"If they (resources) are out there, they're hard to find and extremely difficult to get to," said Adamek.

Christian may be gone, but for the Adamek family, their fight is just beginning. Adamek said the family plans to ensure that "never is a voice dismissed."

After Christian's story gained national attention through online articles and video, a petition was posted calling for the resignation of Sparkman High School's principal, Mike Campbell ( The petition claims Adamek killed himself after Campbell made a public statement on the news that the incident could bring Adamek major repercussions, including having to register as a sex offender.

Producer and director Judd Apatow retweeted Adamek's story and then tweeted a picture of Madison County School's website with contact information for Mike Campbell, sparking more interest in the story.

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