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Make sure your heater is ready for work this winter

© You should have your systems checked at least once a year. © You should have your systems checked at least once a year.

As it continues to get colder outside, the cold temperatures might cause some of you to turn your heat on for the first time. But before you do, some advice to help you safely get warm and stay there.

Technicians with Conditioned Air Solutions in Huntsville have been staying pretty busy lately.

"Anytime we have a change of season our business always picks up," said President Paul Snowden. "Unfortunately a lot of customers wait until they need their heat to actually turn it on to see if it works. We always recommend as soon as you get a little cold weather turn the heat on and see what happens." 

Snowden said what usually happens when you turn on your heat for the first time in a long time is a strange smell. That's one of the many common problems.

We run into a lots of common problems like wasps' nests that build up over the summer, birds' nests in the pipe, a lot of critters cause problems to our equipment," he said. 

Some of those problems can be more serious if you use gas to heat your home.  

"If you do smell gas around your gas appliances, you want to go ahead and turn those off and call a professional," Snowden said.   

The change in weather can also cause problems for firefighters, but they usually deal with different types of heating issues.

"Typically our heater fires are when people use a space heater incorrectly and they catch a combustible on fire," said Fire Prevention Officer, Dan Wilkerson.  He advices you keep your space heater away from flammable objects and make sure they stay on a flat surface where they can't be knocked over.  

Workers at Conditioned Air said you should get your system checked out at least once a year and have your air filters changed every other month.

Workers also advise checking your thermostat to make sure it's working properly. That can save you money on your power bill. They also suggest having a carbon monoxide detector in your home as a precaution.

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