Fire truck wreck claims life of multiple Purple Heart recipient

Good Thursday evening. Here are a few of the stories we're following here in the WAFF 48 newsroom as we work on our 10 pm newscast.

We're continuing to bring you the latest on a tragic story we've been following most of the day out of Morgan County. 27-year old Jantzen Murrell Frazier was killed when the fire truck he was in crashed en route to a fire on Wilson Mountain Road. Frazier was not only a husband and father of four, he was also a decorated Army Ranger. He received four Purple Hearts during his tours of duty in Afghanistan. He was working as a volunteer firefighter for the Oden Ridge community when his truck flipped, claiming his life.

Now that a deal has been reached on the Federal Government shutdown, lawmakers are returning home to speak with their constituents. We caught up with Republican 5th District Congressman Mo Brooks minutes after he flew back into Huntsville this evening. He's one of the majority of the Alabama delegation who voted against this temporary deal that pushes back a decision on the budget to January. Hear his thoughts on why he thinks this is just "kicking the can down the road"', and what he feels we'll eventually have to do to straighten out this financial mess.

Speaking of the government shutdown, the phrase "the debt ceiling" has come up quite a bit in discussions on how to resolve this issue. Admit it, do you have any idea what the debt ceiling actually is and how it impacts you and your family? WAFF 48's Nick Lough hit the streets to get your input, and explores this extremely crucial issue tonight in a special report.

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