The no-go continues in Washington

Good Tuesday evening, everyone!

We're still watching for news of some kind of deal in Washington to end the government shutdown and, again, the prospect of a deal appears to have dried up.

In the Tennessee Valley area, about 50,000 veterans are worrying that benefits they earned over years of service might suddenly stop. This would leave many of them in deep financial trouble, possibly unable to pay mortgages or shop for groceries. Diana Crawford spoke to one of the many facing this uncertainty - hear from him tonight.

Huntsville is also hearing from one of the key players in the shutdown showdown. Senator Ted Cruz spoke to the Huntsville Republican Women this evening. He was actually scheduled to visit them in person, but his visit was changed into a Skype appearance instead. We'll hear what he had to say.

And we're still waiting for word on whether a Rottweiler that attacked a woman in Marshall County today was rabid. The dog's owner was loading it into a car when it got loose and bit a neighbor. She was rushed to Huntsville Hospital with injuries to her arm and wrist. The dog was put down and test results on that dog are pending.

These stories and more are coming your way. Join Kim, Lauren, Scott and myself for WAFF 48 News at Ten.