Juvenile diabetes fundraiser surpasses goal

The school more than doubled their fundraising goal.
The school more than doubled their fundraising goal.

PRICEVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Sophia Clotfelter is a kindergarten teacher at Priceville Elementary School. She and fellow students are walking to raise money for a very worthy cause.

"Type 1 diabetes is something that effects and is very dear to my heart because my daughter has Type-1 diabetes, and we have two other girls here at our school with Type-1 diabetes. One was in my kindergarten class last year and we have a 4th grader here. Every day these girls have to have their blood sugar checked. They have to have their fingers pricked six, eight, ten times a day," said Sophia.

The school is raising money to research for a cure. "The kids here at Priceville Elementary School are all on board. They love these girls and they show their support. And the kids are bringing in money, raising as much as we can," Clotfelter said.

She said ten percent of the money will stay at the school and go toward the nurse's room.

Fourth grader Emalee Hammon is very mature. She explains her insulin pump to her friends:

"I'll just say that ya'll have insulin in your body and it goes through, but my pancreas stopped, so this just gives me insulin," she said.

First grader Katie Partridge was diagnosed three weeks ago. She sums up her condition succinctly. "I have Type-1 diabetes. After I eat, I get shots. And before I eat, I poke my own finger," she said.

At school, Partridge said this happens four times a day at school.

These children are showing the adults how to raise awareness and finances one coin at a time.

So far they have raised $2,300 dollars.  Their original goal was $1,000.

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