Decatur jury recommends death penalty for Jordaan Creque

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A verdict tonight in the Jordaan Creque capital murder trial . The jury recommended the death penalty. Creque was convicted of killing two Decatur Krystal employees in 2011. The decision came down shortly after 6pm today. Coming up tonight at 10, we'll have a recap of today's court proceedings and tell you when the judge will hand down Creque's sentence.

The Madison City Council struck down a proposal to change door-to-door sales rules for school and church organizations. Tonight at ten, Charles Molineaux has reaction from a band booster who says the existing language wasn't intended to be applied to schoolchildren.

Military veterans say they are fed up with the government shutdown, and they are reacting strongly over the closure of the war memorial in Washington. Coming up tonight at 10 hear reaction from a local World War II veteran.

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