Community funds provide hospital with new infant warming beds

The bed provides a cone of heat around the baby.
The bed provides a cone of heat around the baby.

DECATUR, AL (WAFF) - Some babies in Decatur now have the latest help and technology right where they need it, thanks to a community that came together to give.

Participants in the Decatur Dragon Boat Festival knew that money they raised would go toward a worthy cause at Decatur Morgan Hospital.

"The money raised comes here to the foundation office. There's a group of people here who decide, among the list of what's needed, where the money will go each year. This year they go to the nursery," explained Marie Burgess, director of the maternity ward and the women-and-children's departments.

The nursery received five new infant care beds, which each keep a proper temperature. "They direct a cone of heat on the baby, so the workers around the baby are not sweating and getting hotter and hotter," said Burgess.

Everything needed to monitor the precious patients is housed in the tower adjacent to the bed. "We are able to weigh the babies on these tables. We can monitor their heart rate, stats, and we can take the bed and move it throughout the hospital," said Burgess.

Burgess also said that any alarms that sound will not jolt the newborn. "The best thing about this is the way to turn it off. You just run your hand in front of it and it turns the alarms off."

Wally Terry, former Foundation Chairman, said they netted $100,000.

"When we can do something that brings our community together in a special way, just reaching out through some 5,000 people… it doesn't get much better than that," Terry said.

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