Will Providence get its own entertainment district?

Good Thursday evening, everyone!

Could a new entertainment district be in the works in the Huntsville area? We'll tell you about the outcome of tonight's city council meeting where a new entertainment district was discussed.

And a sickening case of animal cruelty. A man buys cats on Craigslist, but  it's what he admits to doing to them that is a shocker. Shumuriel Ratliff spoke with neighbors about the man and his surprising admission; you'll hear what they had to say.

And President Obama has signed a bill that  will restore death benefits to families of fallen troops. The senate passed the bill today and the house approved it yesterday. Benefits were cut almost two weeks ago due to the government shutdown, drawing outrage in congress from both sides of the aisle. We'll have complete details on the restoration tonight at 10.

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Kim Essex