How raising the debt ceiling will impact your pocketbook

Good Wednesday evening and Happy Hump Day!

During the Federal Government shutdown, we're continuing to hear the phrase "debt ceiling." How many of you know what that means and how it affects you? WAFF 48's Shumuriel Ratliff will talk to our political analyst Dr. Waymon Burkes to see how raising the debt ceiling could impact you. Here's a hint: it could impact your home mortgage and car loans.

We're also investigating a despicable scam taking place during October, which is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Scammers are using the color pink to try and trick you out of your green. They're trying to convince you that the money you're donating is to support breast cancer research, when it only has to do with the green filling their pockets.

And we'll also show you some amazing video of three thieves stealing over $3,500 worth of perfume and cologne from a Valley store. Store surveillance gives us a great look at the crime and also the three thieves as they leave the store. Don't miss our weekly Huntsville Area Crime Stoppers report.

We'll see you for these stories and much more tonight on WAFF 48 News at 10,