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Suspect takes stand in murder trial

Jordaan Creque testified in his murder trial. Jordaan Creque testified in his murder trial.

One of the three suspects charged with killing two employees at a Decatur Krystal restaurant admitted to killing one of the men while questioned by his attorney Wednesday.

Jordaan Creque testified that the August 2011 robbery happened during a 20-hour binge of drinking, marijuana, spice, pills and cocaine. On the stand, Creque said he knew when Jessie Aguilar took a smoke break, because Creque had worked that shift at Krystal with him.

According to Creque, when Aguilar came out a side door to smoke, Ezekiel Gholston, carrying the gun Creque had bought hours earlier, forced Aguilar back into the building. Creque then testified that by the time he got inside, Gholston had the gun on Aguilar and manager Jeff Graff, made Graff empty the cash register, and then took them to the back to get money from a safe.

Creque testified Gholston handed him a bag of money and the gun, and told him to get Aguilar and Graff into a cooler. Creque said Graff pushed back on the cooler door, and the gun went off, striking and killing Graff. Creque said he backed away in shock, and Gholston took the gun from him.

Creque then said Gholston went to the cooler and shot Aguilar several times. This testimony is different from his confession, a confession his defense unsuccessfully tried to get thrown out because they said he was too intoxicated to sign off on.

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