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Poll: Americans like hemorrhoids better than Congress


There is a clear answer on American's opinion of the job Congress is doing, and a new poll shows specifically where citizens are united in their disapproval of the legislating body.

According to results from a new poll released by Public Policy Polling, Americans have a higher opinion of witches, jury duty, and hemorrhoids than Congress.

Even government institutions like the DMV and the IRS were seen as more favorable than Congress.

Public figures, however, didn't resonate with registered voters as much as the legislature; including Honey Boo Boo. Americans actually said they thought higher of Congress when asked about Vladimir Putin, Charles Manson, Honey Boo Boo, and Miley Cyrus - with 'twerking' also falling below Congress by four points.

The poll scientifically noted voters overall had a higher opinion of dog poop over Congress.

Voters are certainly united in their disapproval of Congress on the whole, as the legislating body only garnered an 8 percent approval rating in the poll.

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