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Good Samaritan visits bank

Photograph Courtesy of First Citizens Bank Left to Right Steve Sanders, Jeremy Bayman, Kelli Crist & Becky Smyth Photograph Courtesy of First Citizens Bank Left to Right Steve Sanders, Jeremy Bayman, Kelli Crist & Becky Smyth

What was supposed to be a routine visit to the ATM machine at First Citizens Bank (FCB) in Lucerne turned out to be an opportunity for Jeremy Bay man to teach all of us a lesson in being a Good Samaritan.

  It was also a split second character decision test Jeremy Bayman passed without hesitation demonstrating quality traits that our society longs to see lived out among our citizenry. 


It was a crisp, clear and cool autumn filled Friday (September 27th) morning close to lunch time. Jeremy was making a quick stop by the bank before he had to report back to work at SMART.  To his surprise when he pulled up to the ATM machine; someone before him hurried off before collecting their money.

You know where this story is going now; Jeremy retrieved $200.00 (10 $20.00 bills).  Without blinking and before he made his own ATM cash withdrawal; Jeremy then hustled into the bank and headed straight for one of the tellers. 

Jeremy turned over the $200.00 and his good deed made him almost late for work.  In fact, he did not have time to return to the ATM machine to make his own withdrawal before dashing back to work.

This news quickly made it to the desk of Kelli Crist - Electronic Bank Manager, Becky Smyth - Branch Manager, Steve Sanders - Vice President and William W. Petrey - President and CEO.  The Good Samaritan did his good deed and vanished like a phantom without leaving his name or contact information.

Bank officials were determined to find this young man and personally thank him.  Bank Security went through the video footage and bank personnel recognized him.  Petrey, struck by this unprecedented news dispatched Sanders, Crist and Smyth to SMART to track the Good Samaritan down. 

Jeremy Bayman was not only greeted with gratitude and enthusiasm from the FCB team; enclosed in an envelope was $100 bill as a token of recognition and gratefulness from the bank for his honesty.  "In this day of what seems to be the decline of values taught to all of us by our parents; it is refreshing to witness a volunteer act of honor.  Our parents taught us to always do what is right even when no one is looking. 

Jeremy did the right thing and brings a notable respect to himself, his family and SMART.  Jeremy made such an impact on all of us here at FCB; we felt the need to share this story with others," William Petrey said.   

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