See, Click, Fix: Harvest Road

HARVEST, AL (WAFF) - Vincent Ford says he hears it all the time. "Everyone that comes into the operation comes in and says they need a light there," said Ford.

They want a traffic light right outside his convenience store at the intersection of U.S. Highway 53 and Harvest Road.

"We opened about December of last year," said Ford. "And I would say there have been at least 12 accidents since we have opened."

One of those accidents killed Emily Daye, a 24-year-old woman from Harvest. Her memorial sits about 50 yards northwest of the corner along Highway 53.

Ford says he's been in some near misses, and he sees a lot of them, mostly during the afternoon rush.

"You have two schools here," said Ford. "You have Sparkman Middle School there, and you have Harvest Elementary School here. And those buses are trying to cross this highway here, and it's very dangerous."

Right now, there's a stop sign and blinking red lights for Harvest Road, and there's a blinking yellow light on 53. What the people here want is a regular traffic light to stop the traffic on 53 and allow drivers on Harvest Road to cross safely and turn onto 53.

Madison County has already done a preliminary traffic study, but the State of Alabama still has to do one. And even when they do, it may hinge on the rewidening project for Highway 53,  which could kick in next year.

We'll keep checking with Madison County and the state on the traffic studies and the rewidening project to see if and when a traffic light will be a reality here.

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