Men charged in murder spree appear in court

LINCOLN COUNTY, TN (WAFF) - Two men charged with six counts of murder in the deaths of five people and an unborn child in Tennessee and Alabama appeared in court Tuesday.

Henry Burrell and Zakawanda Moss have both pleaded not guilty.

In October 2012, the bodies of five people and an unborn child were discovered. The crime scene involved two homes in Lincoln County and a wooded area where the body of Warren Crutcher was found.

During a pre-trial hearing, details came out about how one of the victims was found bound in a bathtub while another was beaten to death. Investigators said it was the work of Burrell and Moss.

The case includes more than 700 crime scene photos and 150 potential witnesses. Moss' attorney asked prosecutors to narrow down the list. District Attorney, Robert Carter said they're still doing interviews.

"We've told the judge we will do our best to narrow that down but I told the judge and I'm serious, that we may call every one of them," said Carter.

Moss' attorney, Hershel Koger said all the attention surrounding the case is enough to change the venue.

"I don't think unless the defense can show us any different that this case has been covered different than any other," added Carter.

Investigators say both men felt Crutcher was not giving them enough out of drug money and decided to rob him.

"In the trial, all those facts are going to come out. including how they knew each other, what the relationship was, what they did together on the night of the event. I'm just not prepared to answer that today," said Carter.

The judge will review all the motions from the defense attorney including one to throw out evidence of a cell phone that Tennessee authorities served a search warrant on in Alabama. The defense claims they had no jurisdiction to do that.

Another hearing is set for Moss on October 21st just days before his trial on November 6th.

Burrell is set to go to trial on February 6th.

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