Lockheed Martin to furlough thousands

Source: MGN Online
Source: MGN Online

BETHESDA, MA (WAFF) - Lockheed Martin will furlough thousands of employees because of the government shutdown.

The company's defense contractor announced that it will furlough three thousand employees on Monday. These initial furloughs will include employees who work in government facilities that are closed or those employees whose work requires government inspection.

Lockheed Martin said in a statement on Saturday:

"Yesterday's announcement affects all our business areas across the country. We remain in discussions with our customers to assess individual program impacts. This is an ongoing situation and it's premature to say where the immediate effects are right now."

There are more than eight hundred people employed at Lockheed Martin's Huntsville facility. The site was established in 1963 and recently celebrated its 50th anniversary. Overall, the company employs about 118,000 people worldwide.

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