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23 year old breast cancer survivor shares story


23 years old is not a time you want handle what will probably your life's biggest challenge. But for Bobbi Reed, the year she turned 23 is one she'll never forget.

The young mother is just finishing up breast cancer treatments.

Her story begins one year ago when her mother had just returned from getting a mammogram.

"I said, 'Did it hurt?' And she said 'Well, no but you're not old enough to get mammogram's so just do a self examination.'"

Reed did just that and found a lump, but didn't worry to much about it.

"Probably around Christmas holiday it started bothering me so I said okay lets go to the doctor. He did a biopsy and sure enough he said it's breast cancer. At that point of time my heart was in my stomach. I cried so many tears and I just couldn't stop crying," says Reed.

Her doctor assured her that she would survive the battle.

"I was diagnosed January 14. January 24 is when I started my first round of chemotherapy. I had to do six months of chemotherapy which was very challenging.

While in the hospital recovering from surgery, Reed came up with an idea for a T-shirt idea with #StupidCancer on it.

"If you've gone through cancer, or been diagnosed with cancer, any type of cancer, not just breast cancer, you know the feeling. So I started designing the shirts and a friend of the family he printed them for me.

You can order a #StupidCancer shirt by visiting Reeds facebook page at http://on.fb.me/1hpBoqc.

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