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Brunswick bat rabies scare


A bat with rabies was found in a Brunswick home in the 800 block of Penny Drive less than a week ago. A woman told health officials she spotted the animal near her kitchen.

"She did trap the bat temporarily under a pan, and then she did call animal control to get the bat for us," says health official Janet Gammell.

The bat then sent to the lab for testing, the results came back Tuesday.

The latest case is the 7th bat in Medina County to test positive for the disease this year. Officials tell us the average is one to two a year.

"That's high for us,but, we still are pretty much still in that five percent average for the state," says Gammell.

But officials warn that there's no need for concern. Seven out of 122 bats tested positive for rabies. That's a little more than 5.5%.

The state average about 4.2%. They say there's a reason for the rabies rise.

"We've also had a lot of public awareness and for that reason we've had a lot of bats submitted. Therefore we must be seeing a higher number than our usual number of bats for a year," says Gammell.

Officials say if you find a bat in your home wear gloves and avoid direct skin contact.

Don't harm the animals head, don't drown it, and don't use a glue board because that can make it difficult to test for rabies. Bring the animal into health officials alive.

"Anytime a bat is inside a person's home we consider that a very high potential for exposure," says Gammell.

Health officials told the Brunswick resident to go to the doctor. If you or your pets are exposed to a bat call the health department right away.

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