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Equipment stolen from Madison Co. co-op

Our thief made 4 round trips stealing equipment. Our thief made 4 round trips stealing equipment.

If you think using lawn equipment is hard work, wait until you see how tough it was for a persistent crook to steal some lawn equipment.

But it'll be a whole lot easier for you to turn him in.

This burglary happened June 26 in Meridianville at the Madison County Co-Op on Highway 231-431.

On surveillance video you can see the shadowy figure of the burglar stealing a lawnmower. He pushes it out to his vehicle, and then you see him running back to steal more.

It's obvious this guy was determined to steal this equipment.

He cut a hole in a trailer beside the business. He then carried the stolen equipment over 60 yards to his vehicle, and made 4 round trips.

Before he left, he broke the glass on the front door of the store and crawled inside and stole two chainsaws.

We're told he made off with roughly $3,500 worth of equipment.

He appeared to have his face at least partially covered.

Do you have any idea who this burglar is? If so, we need you to make the anonymous phone call to 256-53-Crime.

Or text or e-mail your anonymous tips by following through our Huntsville Area Crime Stoppers link.

There's a reward of up to a thousand dollars for information leading to an arrest.

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