First day of shutdown already taking its toll

Good Tuesday evening to you all!

There is still no deal tonight to end the partial government shutdown. Democrats have vowed to reject republican efforts  to reopen portions of the government including national parks. They say the entire government should reopen, not just a part. Neither side is taking blame for  the shutdown.

The shutdown has left thousands in the valley workers off the job and there is no telling when they will be able to get back to work. Tonight at 10, we talk to a financial planner who offers tips to furloughed workers on how to manage their finances during this difficult time.

We are following developments in the discovery of a body in Fort Payne. A body was found in a home on county road 127 this afternoon. The body has been transported to Huntsville's forensics lab. We have learned since 6 that the body is that of a female. Coming up at 10, what may have led authorities to the home in the  first place.

And we'll take you to a candlelight vigil  in honor of those killed as a result of domestic violence. The message organizers hope will keep other's from becoming a victim, tonight at 10.

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Kim Essex

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