Your Health: MedFlight carries life-saving blood

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - These are the folks you want to see when seconds count.

Huntsville's MedFlight is the first air ambulance to carry blood on each flight. It's part of a pilot program started in April. David Bowman is the regional director.

"It's made a huge difference already and it's been very successful. To date the blood has been used on 2 occasions. Both were traumatic injuries where there was a lot of hemorrhage going on," Bowman said.

That blood is transported in a cooler, but it is no ordinary cooler. It's very expensive and it keeps blood viable for up to 6 hours.

Between 50 to 60% of those calls are for a traumatic injury involving blood loss.

Bowman said the goal is for the critical care team to get the patient to the hospital fast, while providing care en route. "The blood is an additional tool that we have on board that can help save patient's lives," he said.

So how successful has the program been? Very, according to Bowman.

"We definitely plan to continue this here in Huntsville. It's been extremely successful with this program, which is our pilot program for blood in the state of Alabama and we do look forward to expanding it through our other aircrafts that we have throughout the state," said Bowman.

And that means lives saved.

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