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Legal maneuvers hold up Krystal murders trial


Legal maneuvers are holding up the trial of a man accused in a brutal double murder.

Jesse Aguilar and Jeffrey Mark Graff were shot and killed in August of 2011 at the Krystal restaurant on 6th avenue. The motive, prosecutors say, was a simple robbery and the triggerman, they believe, was Jordaan Creque.

The trial is set to get underway at any time. The delay is because the judge is ruling on several motions that were filed overnight.

Creque's attorney has argued his indictment is invalid because his name was spelled wrong. 

His attorney has also asked for a change of venue because of all the media coverage the murders received.

The judge ruled he is keeping the trial in Decatur but wants to hear from the jury pool too.

Everyone involved in the case is under a gag order. Jury selection is expected to get underway shortly.

Two other people are charged in this case - Cassandra Eldred and Ezekiel Gholston. Originally, all three were going to be tried together, but their cases were separated last year. No trial date is set for either of the other two suspects at this time.

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