Teenager rescued in human trafficking case; TN Valley leaders speak out on possible government shutdown

A Huntsville teenager kidnapped for sex trafficking is home safe tonight. The two people accused of holding her against her will are in jail on $1.5 million bond. Tonight, details on how police nabbed the two.

Tennessee Valley leaders spoke out tonight about a possible government shutdown. WAFF 48's Charles Molineaux caught up with Madison Mayor Trot Trulock, Rep. Mo Brooks and the chairman of the Madison County Chamber of Commerce. Why they say, even if the shutdown happens, this community will weather the storm.

And the family of a Shoals murder victim is trying to keep her memory alive and fighting to bring her killer to justice. In July, the body of Lula Addison was found in a Florence motel. No one has been arrested, although police have named a person of interest. At 10, Addison's grieving children speak out for the first time.

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Kim Essex