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City's finance director retires after 14 years


"I got a lot of stuff I gotta get done," says Faulkner.

He is days away from walking out of his office for the last time. But his desk doesn't reflect it.  Piles of papers still fill it. 

"The work doesn't stop. You know I have to work right on. I have to keep going."

But not for long.

After more than a decade of crunching numbers, Lloyd Faulkner has new plans for the future.

"My wife and I are going to the beach for a few days and then I'm gonna take a trip up the east coast in October. And then just kinda play it by ear, probably go out to Idaho shortly after that."

Faulkner has three children and four grandchildren. Spending time with his family was the main reason he decided to leave. But he sure has witnessed Montgomery change.

Since coming to the office in 2000, he has seen the riverfront project completed, helped facilitate the city's work with downtown developers, built Riverwalk Stadium and renovated Cramton Bowl.

"Capital improvement funds, bond proceeds, loaned money, grant money, you know you put it all together and you put a project budget together and you go build," says Faulkner.

His time, though, wasn't without its challenges.

Take the recession, for instance, when the city lost $14 million dollars in sales tax revenue in one year.

"It's not a comfortable feeling and it was a lot more comfortable in this job those years when things were a lot better than they have been. But we're coming out of it."

And that's why Faulkner feels confident saying goodbye.

"We know what our revenue streams are and what they're doing. We can project those things out. We know where the operations are, where they're going. We know what projects are on the horizon and how we're gonna take care of those. So I feel good about leaving right now."

At 67 years old, Faulkner has already had multiple careers.

He spent four years in the Marine Corps, worked for the state for 25 years and then started working for the city.

Faulkner says the city's debt load is currently $280 million dollars--lower than Mobile, Huntsville and Birmingham.

He says the city pays off the debt by roughly $18 million dollars a year.

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