See, Click, Fix: Old Madison Pike & Slaughter Road

MADISON COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - If you have ever driven east on Old Madison Pike, approaching Slaughter Road, you've hit this dip. You've probably hit it hard at one time or another. It's sunken pavement near a manhole cover in front of the Arch Street Apartments.

One driver told us that some people used to veer into the turn lane to avoid it. But road crews filled in the dip. Now, it's not as abrupt of a dip as it used to be.

Closer to Slaughter, crews are working on widening Old Madison Pike at the intersection. Farther south of that intersection on Slaughter, a welcome sight for drivers who cross the railroad tracks. The bumpy crossing is much smoother now.

Norfolk Southern has been doing track work and replacing rail ties at several crossings in Huntsville and Madison. Railroad officials told me it would take about a month to go from the rocky, loose gravel fix to the permanent fix. That was about the timeline for the crossing on Slaughter.

You can expect the same fix at the other crossings in the next few weeks.

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