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Transcript: Troy's Blakeney on Miss. St., season's outlook

Troy Head Coach Larry Blakeney

Opening Statement

"We certainly didn't match up very well in Starkville. We found a team that probably should be undefeated. They lost to Oklahoma State and Auburn and I'm pretty sure that Auburn game, they had a pretty good chance to win on the road. So they come in there not only stinging a little bit from those losses, but also from us playing them as close as we did and having a chance to beat them over here last year. I'm sure they had plenty of motivation to prepare and they did. I think the biggest key was the inability to slow [Dak] Prescott and their offense down.

"If you really watched closely, you saw some really fine SEC linemen that could run as fast as some of our backs. It was amazing to me, the personnel they had out there. Dan Mullen has done a good job recruiting to that program and I'd say they are probably going to win some more games. Credit where credit is due, we couldn't get the ball from them and we didn't execute very well ourselves.  Embarrassing loss, yes, but it's not the worst I've been beaten. It's close and when I say ‘I' I mean we, us, a team that we have coached. That doesn't change my mind about these guys and what we need to.

"Certainly the best thing to do right now is to win a game and that's not an easy task before us. You know [Duke] scored 55 against Pitt and lost. I watched their defensive tape and I don't see a team that should give up 58. They are well coached and David Cutcliffe is a longtime friend. He has been a very positive football coach. He certainly was a great offensive coordinator at Tennessee and [head coach] at Ole Miss. We were in Birmingham at the same time growing up as head coaches in high school. I know he will have his team ready for a home game and we will be hard pressed to prepare well enough to execute our offense. On defense for us, they are unique on offense, but everybody is doing the same thing. Lots of cross motion, fake and read, quarterback read, power and zone. They have the capability of moving the ball and scoring and we've got do the same thing to have a chance to win.

On Troy's play on offense last week

"I've told you this before, the ole quarterback, when he does good y'all hug and kiss and want to talk, but when things don't go well for his football team then it's his fault. I stand by Corey and I stand by Deon and their coaches. The biggest thing is protection. There are probably a lot of other nuances that come into play. Right now, we're struggling a bit on offense and he's got to live with being responsible. He's made a couple of ill-fated throws that I wish for him he had back and he does too. We're going to keep coaching him and seeing how he does. I predict he'll come back and have a good game. He's had a bunch of good games for us over the years. Again, more praise when you win and lot more criticism when you lose, no matter how effective you were during the game.

On Mississippi State's size

"They are big on offense, really big. On the other side of the ball, they were big and moving and we're not very big. Basically it was 1-2-3 throw and get it out of your hands and sometimes that caused a little bit of an errant throw when you have to get rid of it quicker than you want to. Running the ball, we've made a few runs, but we've got to get better. "

On playing young players on the offensive line

"We are trying to grow some guys up quick, but we can protect these guys against Duke. They aren't quite as massive as some of those guys we faced the other day. I watched them last week with some of the graduate assistants when they were breaking down the tape and you will never catch them out of position and they'll be playing hard and they are smart. You can move the football, if you're expeditious and take advantage of your opportunities."

On his outlook for the rest of the season

"There is a lot left, other than being undefeated, all our goals are still out there. Win the conference, go to a bowl, winning season, all those things are still out there. It won't be handed to us and it sure won't be handed to us this week.,"

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