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Government shutdown looms but what will be cut?

Source: MGN Online Source: MGN Online

An Athens State University business and economics professor said to expect a lot of uncertainty if the federal government decides to shuts down next week.

"[It] could domino into people's long term decisions," said ASU's Dr. Tom Pieplow.

According to Forbes, the government looked to several key areas during shutdowns before. Forbes reports all non-essential federal employees could be impacted. That means roughly a third of all federal employees.

Next on that list is the CDD and the IRS which could see shutdowns or furloughs. Forbes reports the ATF could have issues processing much of their paperwork and finally, all national parks and museums would shut their doors during the shutdown.

"Anything doing with the care and feeding of our soldiers is going to be accommodated," said Pieplow.

According to Forbes, federal contractors will remain working because their contracts have already been accounted for. Federal courts could stay open for at least ten days due to the fees previously collected. Forbes reports social security benefits would continue, air traffic controllers would stay on the job, and the NSA would continue its work. Finally, the US mail would continue to be delivered.

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