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Mrs. Brittany Cahela of Opelika High School is a Class Act

After graduating with a degree in pre med, it's the science lab that brought Mrs. Cahela back to school.

"The first thing is you have to be passionate about the subject so I like to make the classroom fun."

But it's her students who brought her to the guidance office.

"Getting to know them on a personal level is really what touched me as a teacher. Science is kind of my boat just to teach kids."

After 6 years of teaching chemistry Mrs. Cahela felt in touch with her students and wanted to help them beyond the science room. 

 "I do feel like this was my next step in my journey. I do miss teaching and I miss having my own kids, but this way I have 500 kids."

500 hundred students who look to her for some of the most important riddance in a students life. 

 "Setting these kids up to be in the best position to go to college, not just financially but academically."

 Mrs. Cahela takes the time to make sure all of her students are set up for success . 

"They only way they are going to succeed is if they have that cheerleader in the background."

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