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Local party leaders agree: shutdown must be avoided

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As the budget battle continues in Washington, folks in Huntsville are bracing themselves for the threat of a government shutdown that becomes more real with each passing day.

"We are already feeling the pain of sequestration. Imagine what's going to happen if we have a government shutdown and what it's going to do to local people that work at the arsenal," said Clete Wetli, Chairman of the Madison County Democratic Party.

Wetli said lawmakers in Washington need to put their boxing gloves down.

"The Affordable Care Act does not need to be used as a bargaining chip in coming together with a budget agreement. It's time for the adults to get into the room and put together a bi-partisan solution that makes sense," said Wetli.

Madison County Republican Chairman John Como agrees when it comes to ending the fighting and balancing a budget.

"I am really disappointed in what's happening in our government. The budget process is a complicated process to begin with. It shouldn't be tied up so much in the rhetoric and partisan politics that's going on," said Como.

When it comes to the Affordable Care Act, which is at the heart of this fight, Como wants back in the ring.

"It is something the American people really don't want. As we get closer and closer to implementing it, we learn that it is not a good thing for the American Public. I would like to see them come to an agreement to put this on hold," he said.

The Senate is set to take on the issue Monday. Wetli predicts it won't pass. "I think the Senate will laugh at this. When they look at just how ridiculous this whole situation is. I don't think they will even entertain it," he said.

Como hopes they will. Otherwise, it could be back to the drawing board.

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