Police: Nurse stabbed by patient at Huntsville Hospital

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - A nurse at Huntsville Hospital was stabbed early Friday morning, according to police.

Authorities said a nurse was attempting to help a patient who was trying to remove their I.V. when the patient became combative. Police said the patient then took out a pocket knife and stabbed the nurse in the side of her head.

The nurse was treated in the ER with non-life threatening injuries.

Police said the offender is currently admitted in the hospital for a surgical procedure and will be charged pending her release.

Huntsville Hospital released this statement about the incident:

"As you know, we had a nurse in our hospital assaulted by a patient with a pocket knife last night. The nurse was providing care to the patient at the time. Fortunately, the injuries to our nurse were not life threatening, and she is home recovering after being treated in the Emergency Department. Our greatest concern is always for the safety of our staff and of those who come to us for care. It is shocking to think that a nurse who is committed to caring for the sick and injured would be a victim of violence from her patient. We know that we cannot eliminate all risk in our work, but we will review this incident thoroughly to determine any further steps we can take."

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