Rockets head into space from Cape Canaveral and Virginia

It was a busy morning in the sky over Virginia ... and Florida.

At the Cape, a Decatur-built Atlas V soared skyward overnight to deploy a communications satellite for the Air Force.

The rocket launched after 3 a.m. on a mission for national security. It delivered a joint-service communications satellite, so that service men and woman on the ground, on the sea or in the air will have a secure, global, jam-resistant form of information-sharing.

Meanwhile, it was a picture-perfect day on the shore of Eastern Virginia for the historic flight of the Cygnus spacecraft.

It was launched from NASA's Wallops Island facility on board an Orbital Sciences Antares rocket.

The Cygnus is on its first flight to the International Space Station and will berth to the flying science lab Sunday.

Among some of the supplies to be delivered to the space station?

Chocolate for the astronauts!