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Cypress Creek mailers still make profit claims


Around 175,000 homes will soon receive ads in the mail from Cypress Creek Organic Farms.

The only problem: those ads still make claims farmers can earn $25,000 a year just by growing organic tomatoes for the company. The company has since pulled the ad off the radio, their website and billboards because it violates Federal Trade Commission rules.

Wednesday, the company notified the Better Business Bureau that their CEO, James Lawhorne, signed a contract with the coupon distributor and they missed the deadline to try and cancel the arrangement.

Up until last week, Cypress Creek Organic Farms was still claiming farmers who grow organic tomatoes for them will earn 25,000 to 40,000.

However, the ad violates FTC rules because a company can't advertise an earnings claim until someone has actually realized it.

At last check, no one has actually made that kind of money working for CCOF, which is why they had to pull the ad.

Lawhorne did tell WAFF he will be stepping down as CEO because of his criminal history where he currently faces forgery charges.

The company has also pulled the USDA's seal from their website since they aren't organic certified.

All of these changes came after WAFF brought the issues to light. WAFF has also confirmed the USDA has an open investigation into CCOF after receiving a complaint.

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