Brooks says he will vote against attacking Syria

After two weeks on the fence, Congressman Mo Brooks has announced where he stands on the Syrian conflict and the possibility of US strikes in that country.

Brooks addressed the House of Representatives Wednesday morning.

"I will vote against attacking Syria, if and when Congress has that vote. I reject the President's argument that the best way to keep Syrians from killing Syrians is for Americans to kill Syrians. America has peaceful options. We should pursue them more vigorously," said Brooks.

Brooks said he's seen evidence that Syrian rebels are no better than the Assad regime and sees no reason to interfere. Additionally, he said that the US cannot afford an attack.

"A Syrian war costs money America does not have," said Brooks. "Every dollar spent attacking Syria worsens America's deficit and debt, weakens our economy, undermines our ability to pay for national security, and increases the risk of even more defense layoffs and furloughs."

Brooks said 1,272 people contacted his Decatur office about Syria. He said all but five oppose attacking Syria.

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