Redstone Report: Monuments reveal arsenal history

Monuments were established to trace Redstone Arsenal's history.
Monuments were established to trace Redstone Arsenal's history.

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Redstone Arsenal has a history that dates back decades. Command Sgt. Major Kyle Crump remarked, "From the early days to today, there's significant history."

With so much history, arsenal officials decided to erect monuments to teach people about the installations past. There are eight monuments outlining eras of the arsenal. Those time periods include World War II, the Cold War, the Space Race, and the future.

While most installations across the country have a strong military history, it's Redstone's past with the Space Race that Command Sgt. Major Crump found most fascinating. He said, "It's always combat or war era or something like that, or war hero, but here it's an actual space race."

The monuments are situated between the One Stop and the new Welcome Center. The placement was designed to allow a spot for those on post to stop and read more about the history when shuttling between the two buildings.

There is plenty of space for more monuments. Command Sgt. Major Crump said there is "...plenty of room to grow out here in the future." With that in mind, the future is what the arsenal is looking forward to.

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