See, Click Fix: Big Spring Park

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Anytime you head to Big Spring Park, you're bound to find the year-round residents ready to welcome you to their home. Sometimes, they're a little too eager to welcome you.

"They're a bit aggressive," said Konica Willis. "Last weekend, one of them patted me on my shoes for more food, so you know they're getting very aggressive."

That may be one reason why a viewer told us on "See, Click, Fix" that the City of Huntsville needs to reduce the number of ducks. Another wanted to get rid of the geese.

Amy Vandiver thinks that's going a bit too far.

"We would be very upset if they got rid of the ducks and the geese," said Vandiver, who brings her daughter Sophie to the park. "That's why she likes to come here is to feed the ducks and feed the geese and feed the fish."

The city has made some changes, though. They've been discouraging people from feeding bread to the ducks. They've also added food machines with better grain for healthier birds.

Vandiver found that's made a big difference in what you don't step in as much anymore.

"There's not nearly the mess that used to be here from people feeding the ducks up here,
said Vandiver.  "As long as you feed them in the water, there's a lot less mess to walk around, so it's a lot more pleasant to be here."

Another issue that someone brought up on our site - the need for restrooms.

"Yes, I think we should have restrooms, just the fact it's more convenient," said Willis. "We don't have to hop in our cars and go to a restaurant."

The city's working on that. Mayor Tommy Battle contacted me to say that nice, portable restrooms will be in by the end of the year, especially for events like the Art Stroll and Concerts in the Park.

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