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New gator record by 1/2-inch

Record length gator 13-feet, 7-inches Record length gator 13-feet, 7-inches
Record weight gator 741 pounds Record weight gator 741 pounds
JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The Mississippi record for the longest gator has fallen again. Ben Walker of Madison harvested a gator September 7 that is 13-feet, 7-inches, breaking the previous record by 1/2-inch.

The gator weighed 687.5 pounds, had a belly girth of 62 inches and a tail girth of 43 inches. It was taken within the West Central Zone on the Yazoo River.

Earlier this week, there was a new record weight alligator. A gator caught in Claiborne County, over the weekend, on Bayou Pierre in near the Mississippi River, weighed in at 741 pounds and tied the record for length at 13-feet, 6&I1/2-inches.  

The holder of the permit is Lee Turner of Madison County.

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