New developments in organic farm investigation

Good Wednesday evening and Happy Hump Day! Here are just a few of the stories we're hard at work on, here in the WAFF 48 newsroom.

We're continuing to dig for details in a WAFF 48 Investigation we broke a week ago. It involves Cypress Creek Organic Farms, which is offering investors a chance to buy into the company to grow organically-grown tomatoes. After Margo Gray's report into the company owner's criminal background, they have pulled claims in advertisements that investors can earn anywhere from $25,000 to $40,000. Despite the controversy, the investors in this company are standing behind the company and it's owner. Margo will have more on that angle of the story tonight at 10.

We're also investigating the closing of an emergency medical helicopter location in Danville in Morgan County. WAFF 48's Shumuriel Ratliff is investigating why Huntsville's Medflight 2 was forced to close it's doors and temporarily relocate to Meridianville in Madison County. She'll explore the jobs lost at the Danville location and what this means for efficient health care for people all across the Tennessee Valley.

And in my weekly Huntsville Area Crime Stoppers Report, we'll show you a woman who rolled a shopping cart right out of the new target store in Madison recently. It's a great shot of the thief, offering you a chance at pocketing up to a thousand dollars.

We'll see you at 10.