It's that time again: WAFF 48's Friday Football Fever begins tonight!

Good Friday evening and TGIF!

Football season is here, with the high school football season kicking off in full force this evening.

That brings our first edition of Friday Night Fever, with highlights and scores from all across the Valley, coming up tonight just after 10 o'clock tonight. Be sure and call, text, e-mail or Facebook your scores to us. Then join us for a complete look at all the action.

We're also following a heroic effort from a volunteer firefighter. WAFF 48's Shumuriel Ratliff will have more on how Jackie Franks spotted a neighbor's house fire, heard some dogs barking and rushed to save two of those family pets. More on this special story from Woodville is coming your way.

We're also continuing to follow the escalating threat of U.S. military action against Syria after the possible use of chemical weapons by that country's leaders against it's own residents. WAFF 48's Charles Molineaux will have more reaction from a local professor who has ties to Syria.

We hope you'll join us for these stories and much more All New on WAFF 48 News at 10.