Contact Kim: Unfinished pool deck

The homeowner was out $600 in unfinished work.
The homeowner was out $600 in unfinished work.

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - A Huntsville homeowner took the plunge and paid for work on his pool decking up-front. In the end, his contractor left him "all wet." After several failed attempts to get the work done, he contacted me.

Jim Sacco hired a subcontractor to stamp and seal his pool deck concrete and his porch. In November 2012, he said Patrick Harris with Stamped Impression did the work and applied a couple coats of sealer, but he was supposed to return and do some touchups soon after.

Sacco said he wanted a third coat of sealer, so he negotiated a price of $600 dollars with Harris for the work, $300 of which Harris requested up-front for materials. "I gave him $300 and at the same time I said, 'Patrick, I'm going to go ahead and give you the other $300,'" said Sacco. "He was supposed to do the work in the next three or four days. I said, 'This way, you don't have to wait on the rest of the money,' and I haven't seen him since."

Jim said Harris didn't show up, and he tried contacting him. "I texted him and said 'When are you going to come and do the job I paid you for.' He texted back, said he'd been ill and that he would get to me next week. Next week never came," Sacco said.

He said Patrick Harris promised on several occasions to send workers over to clean and prime the area so he could come in and finish the work. Those workers have never shown up. "His final text, about a month ago, basically said 'I will get you your money back when I get around to it.'"

That was the last Sacco heard from Harris. After that message, Harris refused to respond to Sacco or his builder, who stepped in to try and help. Nine months later, no work had been completed, and Jim still hadn't received his money back.

A call to Patrick Harris was returned. He claimed to be working on an out-of-town job, but promised he would return Jim's money on Tuesday. Jim said Harris called him after our conversation and promised he would get him money.

I am happy to report that the money has indeed been returned. "I have no doubt that I wouldn't have gotten this refund without 48's help," said Sacco.

The BBB recommends paying no more than one third of the job up-front, and make sure that if you are asked to make payments along the way, you inspect the work that has been completed, and verify that you are satisfied with the work before making additional payments.

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