Redstone Report: Preparing for the worst

The IEOC is sometimes called the "situation room."
The IEOC is sometimes called the "situation room."

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - September is National Preparedness Month, but one facility on Redstone Arsenal is in a constant state of preparation.

The Installation Emergency Operations Center, or IEOC, is sometimes referred to as the "situation room." Terry Likely, IEOC operation branch manager, described the function of the facility as "if there is an incident or accident on Redstone Arsenal, this is where the crisis team comes to help or aid and mitigate that situation, whatever it is."

Instead of the President of the United States sitting in the room, though, it's key members of the garrison who will be scattered throughout the room in the middle of a crisis situation. Likely explained, "You'll have all your directors from the garrison and you'll also have some key agents from key tenant organizations also."

Past situations discussed in the room have ranged from accidents on the arsenal to how to react in the days following a natural disaster, like the April 27th storms. Likely remembered those days, "We had power outages, we had some people displaced, they didn't have places to stay. We had to deal with that power situation, getting temporary power to buildings that had to be up and running."

The call for help could come from anywhere. The IEOC helped shuttle supplies in the days following Hurricane Katrina. No matter where the need comes from though, the work at IEOC all comes down to planning and preparation. Likely said, "We're always planning, that's the foremost things that we're doing, we're always planning for worst case scenarios."

This year's National Preparedness Month lasts through September and will focus on children affected by disasters.

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