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New app keeps outdoorsmen in the 'Loop'

The app includes six categories with a wealth of information. The app includes six categories with a wealth of information.

To say Jeremiah Forsyth is an avid hunter is an understatement, as he hangs yet another mount in his dining room. Like other hunters, his phone "blows up" during deer season. "There would be a little image of a deer that had been killed in Tennessee. It would always be a trophy buck or something, something unusual. And it was a viral type text message going around to everybody," he said.

But he would be frustrated because he didn't know where it happened or who shot it. He wanted to take his love of hunting and all things outdoors to social media. "Wouldn't it be nice if your phone would buzz in your pocket every time someone killed a deer in Limestone County," Forsyth said.

He realized there was no app for that, so he took action. "I actually started looking for an app developer, because I don't have a clue how to build an app," said Forsyth.

After talking to several developers, he found one who could meet his needs and the "Outdoor Loop" was born.

The neat thing about this app? It's free and they don't just stop with deer hunters. "Most of them don't just deer hunt," Forsyth said. "They fish. They camp, hike, off-road. They enjoy the outdoors, so let's find a way to include them."

As you enter the domain, Forsyth said you will find six categories where you can find pictures, post pictures and get all kinds of information.

"This is the number one social network for everything outdoors," added Forsyth.

And others have noticed. "I got some promotion from Randy Edwards on 'Swamp People,' and it was kind of surprising how they reached out."

It's sort of like the locker room for outdoor enthusiasts.

"It's a brag board," admits Forsyth. He does have goals for the success of his app. "I think we've made it whenever people post their images to Outdoor Loop before they do Facebook."

Making it online and keeping it real in Bobby's Bama. 

For more information of Outdoor Loop, you can visit the app's website and Like it on Facebook

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