See, Click, Fix: Slaughter Railroad Crossing

The railroad crossing on Slaughter Road is the focus of this week's See, Click, Fix.
The railroad crossing on Slaughter Road is the focus of this week's See, Click, Fix.

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - It's always a little difficult to tell who you need to turn to when city and county boundaries are involved. That's sort of the case this week with the railroad crossing on Slaughter Road. It's the one just south of Madison Academy.

The man who wrote us said crews fixed the crossing, but now they made it worse. He said he's contacted Madison City and Madison County, and both said it's not their responsibility.

Well, it's not. It's in Huntsville city limits, but the crossing is the railroad's responsibility - Norfolk Southern. I talked with Norfolk Southern officials who said they've been working there and have put down temporary pavement.

In the next few weeks, they'll surface the tracks, and then they'll lay down the permanent pavement. So, the crossing should be much smoother then.

We also took a return trip to Ditto Marina Parkway at the intersection with Hobbs Island Road. We checked this out the first time in early July. People are tossing trash and dumping concrete off the side of the road.

There isn't as much right now, but that may be due to the fact that the grass has grown a lot more. We checked with Huntsville city officials to find out what department is responsible. According to the map they provided us, this is Madison County territory, but I found another map. On that one, it could be Huntsville or Madison County.

We'll keep checking to find out who's responsible and when that spot can be cleaned.

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