Plane makes emergency landing in Montgomery

The plane was carrying 190 people. (Source: WSFA)
The plane was carrying 190 people. (Source: WSFA)

MONTGOMERY, AL (WAFF) - 190 people arrived safely in Atlanta Sunday night after an unexpected emergency layover in Montgomery.

A Delta official said that Flight 534 was en route from Cancun, Mexico to Atlanta, Georgia when a fluorescent light failed, and the pilots noticed a "smoky odor" shortly afterward. The official said the pilots re-routed to Montgomery, and a safe emergency landing was performed.

Officials said there were 190 people on board at the time, including 184 customers and six crew members. Montgomery Regional does not have a customs department, and due to it being an international flight, passengers were evacuated to a secure area without connection to the rest of the airport.

No injuries were been reported. Another plane was flown into Montgomery for the passengers, and the flight landed in Atlanta at 8:07 p.m. local time, some four hours after their first plane was originally due.

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