Brooks not jumping to support Obamacare showdown with White House

ALABAMA (WAFF) - Alabama Congressman Mo Brooks is steering clear for the time being from fellow Republicans' call for a high stakes push to derail President Obama's signature Affordable Care Act.

Conservatives have demanded that congressional Republicans pass a "continuing resolution" federal spending bill for next year that allocates no spending for the ACA, effectively daring the president to veto the measure and risk a government shutdown.

Brooks observed that, "there is no continuing resolution to evaluate."

As the debate intensifies over more strident action to head off the ACA before most of the act is scheduled to take effect, Brooks said some cuts to the funding for it would only be fair.

"I'm comfortable that if we were to pass a funding bill for the federal government that included a proportionate cut to Obama care, 15%, which is what the president has demanded of defense, that seems only fair given our deficit and debt situation," he said.

Still Brooks said he has doubts about whether big cuts to a plan so cherished by the president and Washington democrats would to anywhere in a U.S. Senate controlled by democrats, let alone get as far as the president's desk.

For now, Brooks said, he has seen no plan to support or oppose, although he expects Congress to start debate on concrete measures with specific provisions in mid September.

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