State School Board Member defends herself after censure

Source: MGN Online
Source: MGN Online

ALABAMA (WAFF) - The Madison County Republican Executive Committee is showing its disapproval of education standards in Alabama.

The committee targeted State Board of Education District 8 Member, Mary Scott Hunter, who supports Alabama's use of Common Core Standards in the classroom.

The committee voted 25-12 to censure Hunter, a Republican, at its meeting Monday.

In 2010, Alabama adopted Common Core Standards, which sets benchmarks for students. The standards also show how Alabama students rank in the nation.

Forty-five states, including the District of Colombia, use common core standards. Since 2010, Alabama moved up to 34 from 40 on the list for student achievement.

Hunter defended Common Core Standards, insisting they are superior to Alabama's previous standards.

Committee Chairman John Como said Common Core is not right for every student and it's an overreach by the federal government. However, the federal government didn't create Common Core, it was established by the National Governors Association.

"In this case, it's the committee expressing its disfavor, its disapproval of what she's done with Common Core. There are a group of standards but what's missing is what curriculum that is going to be thought to meet those standards and many parents are afraid of what that curriculum is," said Como.

"I'm not going to be told how to vote by anybody, I'm going to vote by my conscience. Right now, what we have is a larger problem borne out in this particular argument and unfortunately for us, those who are in the middle of this are our students," said Hunter.

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