See, Click, Fix: Traffic on Shades Road

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Ten in the morning apparently doesn't give you a good idea of what the traffic looks like on Shades Road every day. However, neighbor after neighbor told us it's a very different story in the afternoon.

"People flying up and down the street is terrifying," said Katie Runion, a mother of three young children. "We have lots of little kids that play in the front yard, and it's very dangerous."

Runion often brings her three children over to play at their grandparents' house.

"And we will be sitting up in the swing and a car will just fly down," said Runion. "They go 50, 60 easy on this road all the time, every day, every single day."

The hill on Shades Road is very steep, heading south towards Mountain Gap Road. One person who commented on our See, Click, Fix section said she's seen cars actually pass each other going down the hill.

Near the bottom, they added one strip of speed bumps about five years ago.

"We were really hopeful that was going to change something," said Runion. "And it has not made a difference that I've noticed at all. There's no less speeding going on the streets after the speed bumps."

What would Runion like to see this time?

"That's a good question," said Runion. "Maybe speed bumps in a different location. I mean, they're at the bottom of the hill. People are wanting to go fast down the hill. They stop at the very last minute for the speed bumps. Maybe some up here."

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