Friend of murder victim speaks out; UPS crash investigation continues

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Family and friends held a vigil tonight for a woman found murdered in her apartment earlier this week. Tonight, one of A'viona Bronson's friends is also speaking out about the type of friend and person she was. Why the friend says she was shocked to hear A'viona's fiancé, the man accused of killing her, is married--and why she is convinced her friend didn't know either.

Investigators have released more information about the crash that killed a UPS pilot and co- pilot Wednesday. Investigators say the black box provided good information leading up to the crash. Tonight we will tell you the next steps in the investigation.

Last year, Huntsville became the largest school system  in the country to switch over to digital teaching . It was a major adjustment for students and teachers alike. And next week, they start all over again when school starts back up. Tonight we take a look at what school officials have in place to make it a smooth transition.

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Kim Essex

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